Extending an iconic global brand for $100m growth

What We Did
  • Product Development
  • Brand Extension
  • Concept Development

Over the course of eight years, Bulldog Drummond worked as an extension of WD-40’s Team Tomorrow on a broad range of innovation challenges. During our partnership, we looked at the future of existing products, clarified consumer segments, identified new spaces for brand extension and developed new category innovation. We worked locally and globally and helped them establish platforms to drive the future of their business.


WD-40’s first brand extension—WD-40 Specialist—was developed and successfully launched as a result of our work together. As a line of professional products, it serves a set of very specific customer needs that we identified through in-depth research and analysis with Team Tomorrow. It’s on track to become a $50M brand extension. WD-40’s second brand extension—WD-40 Bike—was also created as a result of our work together. It was developed as a separate business initiative to serve the passion-driven consumer segment and is on track to become a $10M global business in the next five years.


“Bulldog has been a kick-butt innovation partner. They’ve been a protagonist over the past 8 years and helped us uncover significant revenue opportunities.”

Graham Milner, EVP, Innovation & Business Development


Clear line of sight to $100m in incremental growth from the Specialist and Bike business units and the confidence to strategically and responsibly extend this global brand.


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