Bulldog Drummond Diageo Case Study


Designing breakthrough strategies and brands for a global spirits portfolio

What We Did
  • Design
  • Product Development
  • Concept Development

Diageo is home to some of the world’s oldest and most progressive spirits and beer brands. To keep up with ever-changing trends, their teams constantly look for new opportunities to break through the market with innovative strategies and concepts. Bulldog Drummond has been a long-term partner across their business, exploring everything from developing new brands to unlock the value from historical shuttered distilleries to codifying a leading partnership marketing strategy. The challenges we collaborate with them on are as diverse as their portfolio—and so are the outcomes.


Over the last ten years, we’ve developed new-to-world and brand extension concepts in brandy, vodka, tequila, gin, rum, scotch, whiskey and wine. We’ve developed strategies to help ignite slowing categories, looking at new audiences, new retail strategies and new partnerships. We’ve helped build comprehensive category reviews to educate and inspire on the inside and have led experiential meetings to help guide a future-forward executive conversation—and that’s just to name a few.


“Bulldog are rockstars when it comes to new-to-world brand development and category innovation. From thoughtful insights, branding and design they are instrumental in our creative process—our Innovation Team loves working with them.”

—Jeffery Fink, Group Director, Consumer Planning

Disruptive innovation in spirits

Creating Deep Category Understanding

We’ve completed comprehensive category reviews to help teams get an even deeper view into the categories they serve.

Whiskey Category Bible
Whiskey Category Bible
Whiskey Category Bible

Repositioning Categories for Growth

We’ve developed strategies to guide the future of different categories, exploring new audiences, new perspectives, new flavors and new occasions.

Scotch Category Exploration
Scotch Category Exploration
Scotch Category Exploration

Developing New Products Across Categories

We’ve explored and developed new-to-world products for almost every category across Diageo’s portfolio. In this process, we research the liquor history, liquid profile and associated behaviors to help inspire and guide the product concept development and design exploration. We design full concept platforms that include a brand name, packaging and a framework for bringing the new product to market.

Captain Morgan black spiced rum
Game of thrones limited edition whiskey
Game of thrones limited edition whiskey
Game of thrones limited edition whiskey
Game of thrones limited edition whiskey
Game of thrones limited edition whiskey
Game of thrones limited edition whiskey

Extending Legacy Brands for the Future

We’ve collaborated to extend legacy brands like Smirnoff and Guinness into new products and product categories.

Smirnoff and Guiness extensions

Developing a World-Class Partnership Strategy

We’ve developed internal strategies to guide the development of a world-class partnership group and strategy.


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