Uncommon Partnership: Violux

It is very likely that you have reconsidered cleanliness and sanitation in your everyday life during this pandemic. Disinfection is top of mind, but not convenient; calling for innovation and thoughtful product design. 

Violux has created a proprietary technology during a challenging time with the goal of changing the way people think about the objects around them. 

We had the opportunity to talk with Sean Clottu, CEO of Violux, to talk more about their new tech product Luma (the world’s first smart UV-C light-cleaning technology) and how this product hopes to change the world. 

Bulldog Drummond: Why did you start the company?
Sean Clottu: We were tired of living in fear. We were tired of seeing our friends and communities living in fear.

I’m a father with young kids that are getting ready to go back into a classroom with other kids. I have family members with pre-existing health conditions. Worried grandparents that I want to protect. It’s about facing fear and conquering it. Not letting that control your life. Empowering people with a new technology they can rely on and trust.

Our team is a collection of makers and creators. When we quickly realized that there wasn’t anything in the market that met our needs, we created it.

BD: What difference do you want to make in the world? 
SC: As a society, we’re all forced to be isolated right now because of the pandemic. It’s not practical to think we’re going to socially distance forever. Our technology can help bring communities back together. The way we do that is by empowering people to trust the cleanliness of the objects around them. And our technology was created for more than the current pandemic, it was created to protect families and communities from pathogens all year round. Flu and cold season is right around the corner. Who knows what’s coming after that?

BD: What makes the product unique? 
SC: We focused on three main areas when we designed this product. 

Clean. Unlike other products in the market, our device is independently lab tested and certified. It was really important for us to create a brand users can trust. Luma is proven to safely clean and kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses on high-touch, daily used objects.

Convenient. More space means more clean. Our device has a large capacity (2,210 cubic inches), 32w of UV-C germicidal power, and 360-degree light coverage, which provides enough space and light intensity for multiple items to get disinfected at the same time. 

Connected. More than a smarter way to clean. It’s a smart device. Luma is WiFi enabled with smart-sensing and self-diagnostic capabilities.

BD: What would you say to influencers about Violux?
SC: We’re trying to change the way people think about the objects around them. Create awareness about their cleanliness. To be safe is not just about washing your hands or wearing a mask. We have to change the way we act. We have to change our daily routines. That means adopting new technologies to protect not only our own health, but the health of those around us. 

“Production for Luma Pro is targeted to begin in November 2020, and Luma is targeted to begin in March 2021. The Company will be taking preorders, with a 50% discounted price for Luma of $249 (retail value: $499) and Luma Pro of $399 (retail value: $799) through the Indiegogo campaign, and first units are forecasted to be shipped as early as December 2020.” -Business Wire

Violux is currently working with our partners at The Envoy Group and recently announced that it has raised $1.2 million in a seed funding round. The funding was led by Okapi Venture Partners, and joined by Unlock Ventures and Envoy Ventures. The company was also recently accepted into UC Irvine’s Wayfinder venture program.

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